B1: Sparking the entrepreneurial dream: ArtRoom

Business blog 1: Learn what inspired me to create ArtRoom.

Me and my dad the month I founded ArtRoom

Wednesday night, Boston, late February. Picture short, dark days accompanied by a lovely little snow storm. Luckily for me, my German classmate Marius had offered to host a “groupmuse” concert. As a music lover, daughter of two musicians and amateur piano player, I was excited to attend. But I had no idea I would walk away from this evening changing all my career plans and running off with a business idea.

That evening, I sat on the floor next to my closest MBA friends, sipping red wine while listening to a young violin and cello duo. I had forgotten what it feels like to sit that close to the musicians and their music: that moment of intense concentration when they look into each other’s eyes to determine the starting split second, the little drop of sweat running down the temple, the fingers clutching deep into the strings, the tap of the rhythm with the left foot. 

I also loved the intimacy of being at home rather than on a stage: hearing the little pause in the music when a page has to be turned, being able to discuss the music with the artists afterwards over a drink, smiling back at my friend when they play a song by a composer from her country. 

I was sold. 

When Ubering home later that evening after a few more glasses of wine, I told my friends I had to launch this in Amsterdam. We laughed and speculated on the business model. The next morning, I woke up sober, but equally passionate about the idea. I called my father, a musician and musicologist in the Netherlands, and asked him if there was any platform through which I could organize a chamber music concert back home. Not to his knowledge.

For years, while working as a strategy consultant at BCG in the Netherlands, I had secretly dreamt of starting something of my own. This feeling had only gotten stronger during my MBA studies at Harvard Business School (the reason I was in Boston), but I had always managed to tell myself that one simple excuse: you don’t have an idea. I had originally planned to spend my summer interning at a firm in Kenya, but I realized I now had no more excuses left. I had found my one missing piece to the entrepreneurial dream: ArtRoom.

Read about how I founded ArtRoom in the months that followed in the next blog.

Visit us at: http://www.artroom.live

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