H3: How to go from chamber music concert to unique event in 4 simple steps

How it works blog 3: Learn what finishing touches to add to your ArtRoom concert.

The previous blogs detailed what to take into consideration when choosing an artist. When you have booked an artist, it’s time to have some fun! 

  • Theme

I love choosing a theme for the event around the artist – our picking the artist to match a theme. For example, when I hosted a fado trio (Portugese folk), I themed my event into a “Portuguese summer”. Instead of leveraging the region of the music/artists, you could also pick a theme related to the time period of the repertoire, or to the style of the music. Think “romantic brunch” for a classical/romantic strings duo or “James Bond” for a brass ensemble. A theme party does not mean you have to go all out with decorations and outfits, but even a light/vague theme can make the concert feel like a special event to your guests.

  • Invitation

Even if I have already sent out save the dates via email or social media, I always send a nicely formatted invitation with more information later. Guests love receiving this information; it gets them excited days ahead of the event! Short on time/inspiration? You can download our standard invitation here: https://www.artroom.live/homes/faq

  • Venue & decorations

Most importantly, you should choose the setting such that the acoustics of the music work well. Then, of course you want your guests to be comfortable. When that is all set, see if you want to play around with the positioning of the artists. For example, when we hosted the “Portuguese summer” concert, we decided to have the concert out on the roof terrace under the setting sun to give it that extra touch. We also put a bright yellow table cloth on the table; a small touch that really helped with creating the overall vibe/theme.

  • Refreshments

I always try to do something clever with the refreshments. For example, I match the drinks to the theme (for the Portuguese theme, we offered only one type of wine: the famous Portuguese vinho verde). Sometimes I choose to have a “mini-theme” around the refreshments, for example “Build your own GT’s” or “Wine & Cheese”. I have found that limiting the number of options to match a theme makes shopping easier and often more economical, while guests feel like you made a special effort. Win-win! Of course you can also ask all your guests to bring a dish/drinks.

Read in our next How it works blog about the different options in which you can compensate the artist.

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