E1: A Discussion from Intern to Intern

Our newest endeavor with the ArtRoom Blog is a Q&A interview-style series about the ArtRoom experience. To kick things off with our first episode we have ArtRoom’s very own marketing interns Lauren and Joshua:

L: Great, so we both attended ArtRoom’s October 31st concert at HBS. Let’s talk a little bit about it. Joshua, how was your experience overall? Did it differ from what you expected?

J: The experience was beyond my expectations! I loved how interactive Mar was with the audience and how passionate and expressive her performance was. There wasn’t a single moment when I wasn’t engaged. People were filming and posting their experience on their Instagram stories, tapping along to the beat, and laughing. This definitely wasn’t the typical concert experience where you just sit in silence! 

Lauren, what was the ambience like for you?

L: The concert’s ambience was definitely unique. I have only ever attended musical concerts in large concert halls, so I was not surprised how much more fun it was listening to the three musicians in a more intimate, homey space. The environment was sort of how I envision my time with friends to be when I’m a bit older: Eating snacks, sharing drinks, sitting in a living room area and enjoying each other’s company with great music, of course! 

Did you have a favorite part of the evening?

J: I loved the call and response song during the concert. While we didn’t have any trained singers in the audience, the laughter and smiles as friends in the audience tried to sing back was definitely amusing. Did you get to interact with the audience and musicians?

L: Unfortunately, as you know, we were doing a little bit of marketing work for ArtRoom during this concert, so I did not get to interact a ton myself. But I did see as someone a bit removed from the larger audience how interested everyone was in the performance. On a very micro level, people stopped looking at their phones, perhaps only to snap a picture, and were tapping their foot or snapping their fingers, swaying from side to side, subtly grooving to the music. It was wonderful to see how non-digital entertainment can be a special endeavor too! 

Okay, I know I mentioned earlier how much this experience felt like a view into the future for me, but could you envision yourself hosting your own private concert?

J: Definitely something for the future since I currently live in a small single with only one seat for myself! I think an event like this is how I envision catching up with a group of close friends every once in a while. The combination of amazing music, good conversation, and wine is truly special!

Curious about ArtRoom? Get ready for more of this discussion series to come. Or check out more at ArtRoom.live.

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