S1: Not really jazzy

Spotlight 1: ArtRoom artists playing music close to but not really jazz.

We are officially kicking off our new series of Spotlight blogs: stories about specific genres, styles or artists available on our platform. First up: Not really jazzy.  

What is it?

If it is “not really jazzy”, what is it? I would describe it as classical music but with a jazzy twist, or classical music influenced by jazz. Given jazz music developed much later than classical music, this brings a counterintuitive fusion of tunes. But given the large overlap between classical instruments and highly typical jazz instruments such as piano, trumpet, saxophone, clarinet and bass, the possibilities are endless.    

Who plays it?

“Is Jazz music too?” is the name of Celia Garcia and Femke IJlstra’s latest show in the Netherlands. Based on a program made by the charismatic singer Éva Gauthier, they combine romantic Ravel with classical-meets-jazz-opera-and-musical Gershwin. 

Listen here

Carlos Gimenez, the Netherlands, recently graduated as a classical saxophonist from the Amsterdam Conservatory. However, he combines his classical repertoire with short blues and bossa nova pieces – all accompanied by piano.   

Listen here

In Boston, Alper Tuzcu & LASUA – both Berklee School of Music alumni – combine traditional music from Turkey and India with influences from jazz and Latin music.

Listen here

Who is it for? 

Introducing jazzy tunes in more traditional repertoires is an interesting and renewing experience for all music enthusiasts, Moreover, it is a fantastic way to introduce more traditional repertoires to younger and less musically educated audiences. The jazzy influences have the ability to make classical music less stiff, more inviting and more recognizable, appealing to virtually anyone in the audience.

Visit us at www.artroom.live   

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