H1: How to organize an ArtRoom concert – Where to start

How it works blog 1: Learn the steps I take in organizing ArtRoom concerts in my apartment in Amsterdam.

In the previous blogs I shared how I built the ArtRoom platform. Before launching the website, I already hosted a few concerts in my own apartment to test out the concept. Read in this first “How it works” blog which steps I took to organize a successful event. 

There are three potential starting points in organizing a concert: the date, the artist or the audience. All of these work well – which one to choose depends on your situation. Read below when to choose what. 

  • The date

Best for: Celebrations. In case you want to organize an ArtRoom concert to celebrate a birthday or milestone, you probably have a specific date in mind. In that case, pick your date well in advance and then match all else to that date. 

Next steps: We recommend informing your audience as soon as you have picked a date. Finding an artist for your specific date might take some time and people’s calendars might be filling up in the meantime. Therefore, as soon as you know your date, we recommend sending out a save the date. This can be informal, with an official invite with more information (including details about the artist) following later. Start reaching out to artists preferably at least two months before your date to ensure you can find a suitable artist on your date.

  • The audience

Best for: Group events. If you have a specific group in mind to organize the ArtRoom concert with/for, we recommend to start by informing them about your plan and gauging interest. Then gather information about availability (e.g. using scheduling tool like http://www.doodle.com) and budgets (if you are looking to share the costs of the artist with your audience).

Next steps: Pick a date that suits your group, and then start looking for an artist within the budget/preferences of your group. We recommend to start looking for an artist about 6-8 weeks prior to your concert date.

  • The artist

Best for: Specific requests, e.g. for your second or third ArtRoom concert. If you have something specific in mind – for example you want a duo with guitar – or you if you have a specific artist in mind, start by contacting them about their availability. If you have hosted an ArtRoom concert before, you might be looking for something similar or for something completely different from last time. I like to vary my concerts and try out new things; I now like to start organizing by thinking of an instrument or style I haven’t heard live at my place yet.   

Next steps: After you have picked your artist, contact them about their availability. Choose a date that suits you, and invite your guests. 

Read next how to choose between all the artists registered in our second How it works blog. Afterwards, we will detail how to organize the logistics and refreshments.

Visit us at www.artroom.live   

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