H2: How to choose an artist

How it works blog 2: Learn what to consider when choosing an artist.

The previous blog detailed three potential starting points for organizing an ArtRoom concert. For all of these, at some point you will need to browse the ArtRoom database and choose and artist. But choosing from dozens of artists can be overwhelming. So, what do you take into consideration? 

  • Genre

All ArtRoom artists play chamber music; meaning the music is suited for smaller venues and is acoustic. That said, our artists play different styles of chamber music, including a range of classical styles, jazz, folk/world music (including fado) and contemporary music. Choose a style you love, you know your guests like, or that fits a theme.

  • Instrument

Our artists play over 20 different instruments. If there is a particular instrument you love, this is a great way to start your search for artists. If you don’t have a preference, just be mindful that all artists bring their own instrument, with the exception of piano, harpsicord and organ. Be careful not to book these artists without access to the instrument. 

  • Formation

ArtRoom artists play in solo-form, duos or small ensembles. Duos and ensembles typically arrange for slightly more dynamic performances; it is wonderful to be able to watch the interaction between the artists. With larger formations, be mindful of the space they require. Solo artists are great for smaller budgets and spaces, as well as for specific instrument lovers. Don’t underestimate how powerful a solo piano recital can be! 

  • Quality 

After having made a selection of one or a few artists, it is important to check if their quality is up to your standard. You can do this in two ways: First, you can gauge quality by reading ratings and reviews of previous concerts. Some artists might not have (sufficient) reviews yet. Luckily, all artists have uploaded a portfolio. Watching video material of the artists is typically a great way to check their level, as well as their style!

  • Budget

ArtRoom offers a large variety of artists, which comes with a large variety in budgets. Our artists start at €80 and go up to €1,000+. Most artists range between €250-500. The compensation posted on the website is an indication and can vary with location, concert duration and special requests. To avoid unpleasant surprises, check whether the artist fits your budget before sending an inquiry. But feel free to negotiate! 

As with organizing the concert, there is no golden rule on where to start. But make sure to check all five criteria before you book. To make it easier, you can filter artists on the first three criteria by clicking “Filter” and “Apply” on the right of the search screen.

If you are still overwhelmed with how to choose an artist, don’t worry! You can always click the “Recommend me” button on www.artroom.live/searchand have us help you out!

Read next how to organize the logistics and refreshments.

Visit us at www.artroom.live   

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