H3: How to go from chamber music concert to unique event in 4 simple steps

How it works blog 3: Learn what finishing touches to add to your ArtRoom concert. The previous blogs detailed what to take into consideration when choosing an artist. When you have booked an artist, it’s time to have some fun!  Theme I love choosing a theme for the event around the artist – our picking […]

H1: How to organize an ArtRoom concert – Where to start

How it works blog 1: Learn the steps I take in organizing ArtRoom concerts in my apartment in Amsterdam. In the previous blogs I shared how I built the ArtRoom platform. Before launching the website, I already hosted a few concerts in my own apartment to test out the concept. Read in this first “How […]

B3: Making a marketplace: Marketing ArtRoom

Business blog 3: Learn how I built awareness for ArtRoom and generated our first booking. In the previous blog I detailed how I launched the ArtRoom website in the Netherlands in the summer of 2019. Within a few weeks we had more than 50 artists registered. I soon realized finding artists wasn’t the problem – […]

B1: Sparking the entrepreneurial dream: ArtRoom

Business blog 1: Learn what inspired me to create ArtRoom. Wednesday night, Boston, late February. Picture short, dark days accompanied by a lovely little snow storm. Luckily for me, my German classmate Marius had offered to host a “groupmuse” concert. As a music lover, daughter of two musicians and amateur piano player, I was excited […]

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