H4: How to arrange the payment

How it works blog 4: Learn which options you have to compensate the artists.

It is important to be aware you do not have to carry all the costs for the artist yourself. ArtRoom offers two methods to pay the artists: foot the entire bill yourself or share it with your guest. How the shared method works is detailed below. First, we detail how ArtRoom safeguards your payment.

How do artist payments work?

Whatever payment method you choose, it is important to know ArtRoom takes measures to ensure your money is spent well. We will send you a link to pay the artist about a week before the concert. You are required to pay the artists’ compensation beforethe concert. We will hold the money in escrow until the concert is successfully completed. If there was an issue with your concert, for example the artist did not show up, you have 72 hours to inform us, via the website or via email. In that case, we will refund you. If we have not heard from you, we will pay out the artist 72 hours upon completion of the concert. 

How can I best share the payment with my guest? 

We welcome sharing the payment with the audience, to ensure ArtRoom is affordable and available to everyone. Sharing a $/€300 artist with 20 friends/relatives quickly makes it an affordable, $/€15 affair. 

As the host, you are ultimately responsible to cover the costs of the artists. ArtRoom will send you a payment link for the full amount about a week before the concert. It is up to you to gather the individual payments of the audience. 

If you are unsure how many people will come, determining the amount to charge your guests can be tricky. A few tips:

  • In your early communication, indicate a price range that allows for more/fewer guests (e.g. “the concert will cost $15-20”) 
  • Wait to communicate/collect the amount until you are sure of the size of the audience, e.g. until the day of/after the concert
  • You could determine a maximum number of guests and require guests to pay upfront, communicating that in case they cancel later on they will have to find a replacement 

To ensure your guests pay, we recommend the following:

  • Communicate clearly in advance you expect all your guests to make a payment; also make clear this is per person not per couple/family.
  • Send out payment links (e.g. TIKKIE or Venmo) at least a week before the concert.
  • If guests have not paid up front, take a minute after the concert to thank your audience and ask them to fill out the payment link collectively. 

Can I really share the payment with my guests? 

Absolutely! In our experience, guests are very willing to help cover the contribution to the artist. We typically asked between $/€10-20, which is less than most concerts would cost. Important is to explain why you ask this: to ensure a fair compensation for the artists, as artists are unfortunately often underpaid in the industry.

We also recommend you detail this upfront, such that guests are not unpleasantly surprised. For example, in the standard invitation that you can download in our FAQ page, there is mentioning of a payment.

You could also compare it to Airbnb: someone books and pays for a home stay, but everyone that sleeps over typically pays their share to the organizer.  

Please note: selling tickets for your concert at a profit violates ArtRoom’s terms and conditions. When notified of such behavior, actions will be taken. 

Next we will kick off our series of artist best practices.

Visit us at www.artroom.live   

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