H5: Artist best practices

How it works blog 5: Learn what are best practices for artists.

The first artists have started receiving bookings on ArtRoom. Some artists have even received multiple requests. What can you do as an artist to stand out and receive bookings? It is easier than you think!

Example winning profiles

1. Complete your profile

First up: complete all the standard fields in your profile. Many hosts use act size, instruments and genre to search / filter for. If you haven’t selected these, you will not show up in their search results. 

2. Add a professional profile picture

Your profile picture is your first impression, so make sure you set it right. We recommend choosing a picture that looks professional and that shows that you are a musician – i.e. it shows your instrument. This signals quality and professionalism to the hosts.

3. Elaborate in your description

Leverage your description to set the scene of the concert, as well as to provide the host with more information to gauge quality. Specifically:

  • Write at least 4 sentences (that implies at least ~400 characters; the website allows up to 700 characters)
  • A charismatic opening that sets the scene to a potential concert helps to visualize the possibilities for the concert – see a great example at the end of this blog
  • Introduce yourself: briefly describe where you are from and mention any training you may have had, e.g. conservatorium 
  • Provide some details on the (range of) music you can play: give examples of styles, periods, composers and/or pieces you can perform

4. Add videos

Videos are the main method for hosts to gauge quality and judge whether this is the type of style they are looking for. Receiving bookings without video material is basically impossible – compare it to booking an Airbnb without having seen any pictures of the home. Therefore, ensure you upload at least one video. In contrast to the profile picture, this does not have to be professional. An iPhone video of you practicing can already help a lot!  

5. Think about your level of compensation

Finally, ensure you include an accurate compensation level. ArtRoom’s mission is to empower artists to earn a fair income. That said, if you do not receive any bookings you might want to consider lowering your compensation level, at least temporarily, as

  • Lower compensation levels often lead to more regular bookings. 
  • Without reviews (upon starting), hosts might be more hesitant to pay a high compensation. You could lower your compensation level until you have the reviews to warrant a higher price. 

Next we will discussthe biggest misconceptions about ArtRoom

Visit us at www.artroom.live   

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